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A new paradigm for tobacco regulation

Traditionally, tobacco regulation has majored on controlling access to cigarettes through taxation, advertising bans and packet warnings, bans on public smoking and youth access and all the panoply of regulation to reduce the death and disease toll from the most dangerous way of consuming nicotine. [Read More]

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2018-12-31 , Submission deadline
IJERPH is now accepting submissions for a special issue on Tobacco Harm Reduction, on research that advances our understanding of the potential place of tobacco harm reduction strategies within a comprehensive approach to reducing the burden of smoking related disease, and that will assist policy makers to determine what level of regulation is most appropriate for potential reduced risk products.
2018-01-19 , vapetrotter.com
37,191 vape stores in 106 countries

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Monday, April 12, 2021
Imperial scientists are the first to publish results using the ToxTracker system for the assessment of vape e-liquids and aerosols, and it forms part of the company's continuing research into the tobacco harm reduction potential of Next Generation Products (NGPs) such as vapes. [...] The results, peer reviewed and published in the journal Mutagenesis, showed that under the conditions of test, undiluted vape e-liquids and their aerosol extracts exhibited entirely absent or vastly reduced indications of DNA damaging potential in cells, compared to smoke from combustible cigarettes.
Monday, April 12, 2021
United Kingdom
Data gathered across the globe keep indicating that mental health patients are more likely to smoke than individuals who do not suffer from psychological or psychiatric conditions. Moreover, these individuals are more likely to find it harder to quit. [...] Sadly, the ASH report has highlighted concerns reported by staff who felt they were ill-equipped to support their patients, with the charity adding that the current training of mental health nurses and psychiatrists to help their patients to quit smoking was “woefully inadequate”.
Monday, April 12, 2021
United States
Melatonin doesn’t just come in supplement form — it’s actually a hormone that your body naturally produces to help regulate your sleep-wake cycle, says Dr. Vikki Petersen, CCN, a certified functional medicine practitioner, clinical nutritionist, [...] Lately, people have been turning to vapes for their dose of melatonin. Vapes, aka a sort of pen or e-cigarette you inhale from, are commonly used to inhale nicotine, weed, or flavored vapor to get the desired effect without actually smoking the substance, says Dr. Brian Koo, MD, a sleep medicine specialist [...]
Monday, April 12, 2021
On April 7, the organization Parents Against Vaping E-Cigarettes (PAVE) hosted a day-long virtual conference called “Clear the Vapor: The Way Forward.” For the relatively sparse numbers who tuned in live, it was a call to arms. Prohibition-minded academics, lobbyists, parents and elected officials got together on Zoom to confirm their own beliefs about the dangers of vaping and the necessity of banning flavored e-cigarettes. [...] Completely absent from the conversation, of course, were tobacco harm reductionists and adults who used vapes to quit cigarettes.
Monday, April 12, 2021
E-cigarettes, or nicotine vaping products, are potential smoking cessation aids that provide both nicotine and behavioural substitution for combustible cigarette smoking. This review aims to compare the effectiveness of nicotine e-cigarettes for smoking cessation with licensed nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and nicotine-free based control conditions by using network meta-analysis (NMA). We searched PubMed, Web of Science and PsycINFO for randomised controlled trials (RCTs) that allocated individuals to use nicotine e-cigarettes, compared to those that used licensed NRT [...]
Monday, 12 April

Traditionally, tobacco regulation has majored on controlling access to cigarettes through taxation, advertising bans and packet warnings, bans on public smoking and youth access and all the panoply of regulation to reduce the death and disease toll from the most dangerous way of consuming nicotine. 

Monday, 18 January

We are now used to hearing experts of all disciplines, from virologists to behavioural psychologists, interviewed in the media about COVID-19. There is general agreement on personal safety

Tuesday, 15 December

This blog is inspired listening to Mark Carney, former Director of the Bank of England give the BBC 2020 Reith Lecture named after John Reith, the first Director-General of the

Monday, 07 December

COVID has accelerated the speed of fake news around the world much to the delight of the dangerous and delusional. In such times, the lay person could be forgiven for thinking that when the media

Monday, 16 November

As we have seen with the Trump playbook, seeding the media with conspiracy theories is the last gasp of the desperate and deluded. This is a favoured tactic of all anti-tobacco harm reduction

Monday, 12 April

Def. Sea change or sea-change is an English idiomatic expression which denotes a substantial change in perspective, especially one which affects a group or society at large, on a particular issue.

Some time ago I wrote an opinion piece titled: Dirty Words: Smoker, Vaper, Harm Reductionist? In the article I expressed my frustration that in government and NGO leadership circles publicly embracing harm reduction policy in the U.S. was still politically dangerous.

Wednesday, 07 October

I confess to having always enjoyed party conference season. This is an annual ritual where the

Tuesday, 26 May

Covid-19 has surely been challenging for all, and though we have now hopefully crossed the

Friday, 20 September

Over half a billion smokers live in Asia, and Asian countries have some of the highest per

Monday, 02 September

Last week was hot in Seoul. Not just with the outdoor temperatures exceeding 30oC,

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