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This blog is inspired listening to Mark Carney, former Director of the Bank of England give the BBC 2020 Reith Lecture named after John Reith, the first Director-General of the BBC. [Read More]

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Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2018
2018-12-31 , Submission deadline
IJERPH is now accepting submissions for a special issue on Tobacco Harm Reduction, on research that advances our understanding of the potential place of tobacco harm reduction strategies within a comprehensive approach to reducing the burden of smoking related disease, and that will assist policy makers to determine what level of regulation is most appropriate for potential reduced risk products.
2018-01-19 , vapetrotter.com
37,191 vape stores in 106 countries

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Friday, January 15, 2021
Around 65 percent of adult vapers in Europe use fruit or sweet liquids. The variety of flavours is one of the most important reasons for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and for vapers not to go back to smoking. Without paying attention to this fact, the Dutch State Secretary Paul Blokhuis has announced to ban all e-cigarette flavours except tobacco flavours in the Netherlands, as they are supposedly particularly attractive to young people.
Friday, January 15, 2021
As COVID-19 infections continue to rise and cold and flu season take hold, physicians are adamantly advising patients to do all they can to remain healthy—including not smoking or vaping. Multiple studies have shown that smoking is associated with increased severity of COVID-19 disease. However, because vaping, which is the use of nicotine-containing electronic or e-cigarette products, is relatively new, there is less data. "But it is clear that smoking and vaping are bad for the lungs. Patients who smoke and vape can have damaged lungs that make them susceptible to respiratory infections, including COVID-19," says Charles Dela Cruz, [...]
Friday, January 15, 2021
United States
This time last year, convenience store owners and operators were dealt a double whammy: First they had to adapt to the recently passed federal minimum tobacco purchase age of 21; then they had to pull product in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on most flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Next, the coronavirus swept the country, and no one knew how the category would fare during lockdowns. For many businesses, consumer response was surprisingly positive. Early in the pandemic, anecdotal reports indicated customers stocked up on virtually all tobacco SKUs.
Friday, January 15, 2021
We discuss the implications of possible contagion of COVID-19 through e-cigarette aerosol (ECA) for prevention and mitigation strategies during the current pandemic. This is a relevant issue when millions of vapers (and smokers) must remain under indoor confinement and/or share public outdoor spaces with non-users. The fact that the respiratory flow associated with vaping is visible (as opposed to other respiratory activities) clearly delineates a safety distance of 1-2 meters along the exhaled jet to prevent direct exposure. [...]
Friday, January 15, 2021
AN expert on tobacco dependence and treatment from the New York University’s (NYU) School of Global Public Health has voiced concern over “zombie theories” which plague tobacco harm reduction (THR) research. In his presentation [...] Dr. Raymond Niaura, a professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences at NYU, said the scientific agenda on THR research was being driven by interest groups rather than scientists. As such, he said, the agenda comprised “zombie theories”, which “cannot be killed by evidence and refuse to die”.
Tuesday, 15 December

This blog is inspired listening to Mark Carney, former Director of the Bank of England give the BBC 2020 Reith Lecture named after John Reith, the first Director-General of the BBC.

Carney’s theme was how moral values have morphed into market values, a way of economic and financial thinking which ultimately led to the financial crash of 2008. Years of uninterrupted economic growth led bankers to believe they were masters of the universe, that markets were always right. Unlike say teachers and farmers who can directly see the impact of their work through the development of children and the growth of crops respectively, those in the financial world became entirely disconnected from the communities, small businesses, and families they ultimately served. They became fixated on the numbers appearing on their screens, it was all about ‘we win, you lose’ in the financial game. Such tunnel vision corroded any notion of trading ethics.

Monday, 07 December

COVID has accelerated the speed of fake news around the world much to the delight of the dangerous and delusional. In such times, the lay person could be forgiven for thinking that when the media

Monday, 16 November

As we have seen with the Trump playbook, seeding the media with conspiracy theories is the last gasp of the desperate and deluded. This is a favoured tactic of all anti-tobacco harm reduction

Friday, 02 October

Fans of the rock band Queen will instantly recognise this blog title as the title of their 1974 album. Fear not though; what follows is not an attempt to link rock ‘n’ roll with the development

Monday, 07 September

The term was coined by an economist to explain why those with seemingly opposing interests can sometimes find themselves in accord with one another. His example was how those campaigning for

Wednesday, 07 October

I confess to having always enjoyed party conference season. This is an annual ritual where the main UK political parties gather at a major city with the aim being to enthuse their membership and map out a vision attractive to the voting public.  When I was a Civil Servant, they often provided a useful insight into the direction of future policy.  Away from the main platform you could, on occasion, discover events where politicians would stray from their doctrinaire trenches and engage in

Tuesday, 26 May

Covid-19 has surely been challenging for all, and though we have now hopefully crossed the

Friday, 20 September

Over half a billion smokers live in Asia, and Asian countries have some of the highest per

Monday, 02 September

Last week was hot in Seoul. Not just with the outdoor temperatures exceeding 30oC,

Saturday, 30 March

Debunking common myths and misconceptions about teens and vaping - separating the facts from

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